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Pathways boosts confidence of hotel employees

29 Jan 2019

Through the joint efforts of USAID BEST, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and the Vocational Training Corporation, Pathways to Professionalism (P2P) continues to gain a positive reputation across Jordan as its learners advance their skills and receive national recognition. P2P puts a unique twist on vocational learning through offering on-the-job training and its effective approach is gaining the attention of employers and employees across Jordan. This month, 52 learners from participating P2P hotels in Aqaba were celebrated at the Pathways graduations ceremony in Aqaba for completing their Level 2 training. To date, there are 30 hotels in Amman, the Dead Sea, Petra, and Aqaba that have adopted the P2P scheme, 3 of which were inducted this month. 

Since its launch, over 900 hotel employees across Jordan have registered as P2P Level 2 and 3 learners. Of the total learners, 500 have graduated to date. Pathways will continue to advance the practical skills of hotel employees across Jordan, giving them the confidence along with the skills to perform their roles well.