Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

Petra Investment Incentives awareness session

13 Aug 2018

USAID BEST, in partnership with the Petra Tourism Development Authority (PDTRA), held an awareness session for tourism investors in Petra to present the new procedures for receiving tourism investment incentives directly from PDTRA. Previously, incentives were granted through JIC on behalf of PDTRA through a partnership facilitated by BEST as an intermediate solution while PDTRA developed their procedures.  During the awareness session, attendees also received information on how to invest and what investment incentives are available for tourism enterprises.

"We learned important information on encouraging investment in the area and the right environment for investing. We also learned about the new incentives, as well as how to approach potential investors," said Eid Al Nawafleh, who attended the investment incentives workshop held in Petra in August 2018. Eid has two tourism businesses in Petra and is in the process of setting up his third.