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Polish archaeologists unveil large Neolithic settlement in southern Jordan

17 Nov 2018

Source: Jordan Times

A team of Polish archaeologists recently unveiled the largest discovered Neolithic settlement in the mountain valley of Munqataa in southern Jordan, some 170 kilometres from Amman. 

Organised around a central building that may have been a temple or a chief’s dwelling, the newly discovered site suggests that the early farmers cultivated plants on patches of flat ground among the rocks and kept flocks of animals. Polish archaeologist Piotr Kołodziejczyk, told The Jordan Times in a recent interview that the settlement also confirmed that shepherding was well-developed in the valley at that time. 

Grindstones and arrowheads as well as a considerable amount of ceramics probably used as storage for food supplies were also found, according to the researcher. 

“Reaching the Munqataa mountain valley was both a scientific and a logistical challenge,” Kołodziejczyk pointed out, noting that descent into the valley was possible only through a steep path on a 100-metre-long ridge, during which the researchers had to carry equipment, food and water supplies.

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