Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

Reforming and modernizing tourism and hospitality program curricula at the University of Jordan and Hashemite University

25 Jul 2018

USAID BEST is providing support to the University of Jordan and Hashemite University to reform and modernize their tourism management program curricula.  This effort focuses on improving the program curricula for both universities to bring them in line with international standards and best practice.


BEST engaged university staff, students and graduates in the review of the programs, curricula and teaching methodologies through workshops and focus groups, and consulted with industry regarding the latest knowledge and skills requirements of the sector. This will help ensure that current students and future graduates are equipped with the skills that will ensure they have the best opportunities for a successful career in tourism and hospitality management.


The programs were checked against national standards for tourism management programs and UNWTO TedQual certification criteria were used to assess the programs against best international practice. The findings and recommendations of the assessment will be shared with the universities and an action plan for addressing them will be put in place immediately.


This effort to develop tourism programs in Jordan to meet international standards will assist them in becoming internationally recognized and competitive. This is advantageous for both the university and the students. The work puts the university programs on the path towards eventually obtaining United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Tourism Education Quality (TedQual) international certification in academic quality assurance. The certification is issued by UNWTO and managed by Themis foundation to recognize institutions with high quality education in tourism and hospitality that are competitive at an international level.


Currently there are two university college institutions in Jordan that have been awarded UNWTO TedQual international certification for their hospitality programs: the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts and the Ammon Applied University College (AAUC). Yarmouk University has completed the program and curriculum reform process, submitted their self-assessment review and completed the UNWTO TedQual external audit. Results are expected in September 2018. USAID BEST supported all three institutions in their strive to attain this international certification.


More than 70 educational institutions around the world have obtained UNWTO TedQual international certification and Jordan is the second country in the Arab world, after Oman, to receive the certification for tourism and hospitality programs.