Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

As-Salt locals become certified hosts

5 Jan 2019

As-Salt locals become certified hosts

USAID BEST continues to support the Salt Development Corporation to further develop As-Salt as a tourism destination with authentic experiences. Part of developing As-Salt encourages locals to be aware of tourism and the potential it could have on generating economic opportunities in the city. 

To further prepare locals to offer tourism experiences as well as to know how to interact with visitors, USAID BEST facilitated an 80-hour course that covered various topics from the history of As-Salt, architectural influence of the buildings, to geography, geology, customs, traditions and local cuisine. Other skills included English for tourism followed by a week of field training to visit the main touristic attractions in downtown As-Salt, such as Al Khader Church, Citadel Hill and Al Ein Square. The course ultimately provided those who enrolled in the training with an in-depth background of their city’s unique culture and offerings so that they would be able to articulate that information to visitors.

Sixteen As-Saltis completed the training course, of which 11 have passed an examination to be certified hosts. USAID BEST aims to diversify the tourism sector in Jordan to include all age groups and genders, so it is significant that of the 11 certified hosts, 10 were women.

USAID BEST continues to work with SDC to establish As-Salt as a tourism destination under the Distinctive Destination Program. The local hosts are now able to offer an enriched visitor experience through their increased knowledge about the culture and heritage of their city.