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Same city, new tour

6 Nov 2017
Thousands of people travel to Jordan every year to visit historical sites such as Petra, Mount Nebo and Bethany with many tourists booking part of their lodging in Amman. Tourists often pass through the country’s capital without considering it an essential part of their trip. In an attempt to increase the duration of stays in Amman and the number of tourists interested in the city, Jordan Express Tourist Transportation (JETT) established the Amman City Tour in 2016. JETT later partnered with USAID BEST to outline a new route that would develop the Amman City Tour into a reliable and enjoyable service that tourists look forward to when they arrive to the city. USAID BEST brought in an international expert in city tour bus planning to propose a more effective route and model of operation. 
The blueprint offered many suggestions for JETT to consider such as operating more than one bus, potential hourly services, more visible branding and the possibility of adding informative and engaging commentary in several languages. JETT hopes that the Amman City Tour will be a sustainable, fully-functioning and well-known product that gives a proper orientation of Amman. The new route is expected to launch in March 2018.