Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

Spreading tourism and environmental awareness among the youth of As-Salt

17 Mar 2019

USAID BEST, in collaboration with the Greater As-Salt Municipality, the Salt Development Corporation (SDC), the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (MoTA) and the Ministry of Environment held a tourism awareness session in As-Salt on March 13, 2019 to discuss the impact and ramifications of pollution on tourism.

“We have a beautiful countryside here in As-Salt, particularly around the Balqa,” said Khaldoon Khraisat, SDC’s Executive Manager, adding, “and there are important areas like Zay, Jaliat and Wadi Shaib in need of preservation and protection from pollution.” 

Around 400 students from eight local schools along with representatives from 10 educational centers and institutions attended the session where they listened to guest speakers discuss the importance of environmental awareness. They also took part in interactive exercises and watched informational videos on As-Salt.

“As-Salt is our home,” said Jenna Yousef, a sixth-grade student from the Um Salama school in Balqa. She explained, “It’s my home and I love it, and because we love it we need to take care of it and keep it clean.”

Twenty such awareness sessions will be held at schools and education centers in the lead up to the Tidy Streets Campaign that is set to take place in April 2019. In addition, independent sessions will be carried out by school teachers who received tourism awareness training in February 2019.

“The sessions are intended to broaden the awareness of As-Salt’s residents and institutions regarding both the environment and tourism,’ said Sharifa Abu Taleb, head of the Ministry of Environment’s awareness team, adding that, “As-Salt excels in its geographic and historical attractions and those must be preserved as we progress to becoming a greener city. These sessions are only a part of our joint efforts to progress As-Salt to a greener city, and will be followed by further events including a painting competition for the students, more informational videos and other activities.” 

USAID BEST continues to support the community of As-Salt to develop their city’s potential as a tourism destination, and encourages the community to seek opportunities in the tourism and hospitality sector.