Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

Strengthening MoTA’s planning and operational performance

14 Jan 2019

USAID BEST is working to support the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in improving their institutional performance and address weaknesses through the customization and delivery of training courses. These efforts follow on from BEST’s support to the Ministry since 2016, where BEST has worked closely to build their capacity for planning and operations and instill core values across the organization for a more efficient and effective Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

USAID BEST partnered with USAID Fiscal Reform and Public Financial Management (FRPFM) to conduct a two day Result Oriented Budgeting (ROB) Training this month. Twenty-two employees from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities participated in the training, as did representatives from the General Budget Department, who shared their existing budgeting practices as a model for the ministry’s own planning activities. 

“The training was very useful for us in the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, particularly as an exercise for those involved in ministry planning,” said Ahd al-Nis, a member of the Ministry’s strategic planning team “It affirms previous understandings developed during preparations for MoTA’s strategic plan and complements our current work to amend and review it. Over the two days, the training laid out how to set goals and milestones and be confident in their importance, as well as how to set performance markers and be certain of their accuracy.”

“Hopefully in the future the course will be able to expand to more attendees from the different directorates and ministries,” said Khaled al-Henati, a manager at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. “There are a lot of officials around the country who participate in the budgeting process, and while some were present today it would be great to involve more people. Our budget covers not only the capital but also the different governorates, so those involved in the regional planning should be introduced to this [Results-Oriented Budgeting] training.”

Both BEST and FRPFM are also supporting MoTA’s review of its strategic plan and preparation for the 2020 budget to better align planning, programs and resource budgeting with the established ROB framework.