Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

Tourism industry representatives attend knowledge symposium on Tourism Satellite Accounts

22 Mar 2018

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (MoTA), Department of Statistics (DoS) and USAID BEST held a knowledge symposium on 22nd March in Amman to share information about Jordan’s Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) and its importance to accurately measuring the contribution of tourism to the national economy. The TSA is produced through a collaboration between MoTA, DoS and the Central Bank of Jordan with USAID BEST support.

The TSA is a UN-promoted economic model and it was presented by the premier expert on the TSAs, Mr. Kevin Millington. The TSA model has been used in Jordan since 2007 and the last report issued was for 2012 tourism statistic. The TSA partners have begun developing the latest TSA for Jordan based on 2017 tourism statistics. More 100 people attended the event, including representatives from the Central Bank of Jordan, Jordan Tourism Board, industry stakeholders, university students and other.

Talking about the value of the TSA model, Mr. Millington said, “It’s a recognized way of measuring the economic impact of tourism and it’s important to how we understand tourism’s place in the overall economy. But unless we measure it on an ongoing basis, then we can’t see how tourism changes over time and we can’t see how best to deploy government resources in the sector.”

Reliable statistics are essential for policymaking, helping to make effective decisions. The TSA will better reveal the true impact of tourism to the country’s economy and help attract the appropriate attention and investment, from government and private sector, in this important economic sector.