Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

USAID BEST to help Ammon Applied University College achieve excellence and boost women interest in hospitality education

29 Nov 2016

The USAID Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project (BEST) officially awarded a grant to Ammon Applied University College (AAUC) on October 30, 2016, to support the university's efforts to achieve excellence in higher education and to garner greater interest in hospitality and tourism studies among young women in Jordan. AAUC Dean Dr. Muhsen Makhamreh recently stated, "AAUC (formerly JAU) is proud of its continuous partnership with USAID. USAID has offered valuable assistance to AAUC over the years and this assistance contributed to the development of the college in the various aspects of its operations. I hope that this partnership will continue in the future to the benefit of all." With BEST assistance, AAUC will update the 'Tour Guides Techniques' program curriculum, incorporating international best practice along with input from Jordan's tourism sector to improve local guiding skills and better align them with sector requirements. The university will also run a tourism awareness campaign to reach out to approximately 5,000 students from 40 girls' schools and colleges around Jordan with messages about the benefits of studying hospitality and tourism, the programs available and the job opportunities that will be open to them. Furthermore, AAUC seeks to obtain the UNWTO TedQual Certificate for a renewal period as an international stamp of excellence for their hospitality and tourism projects. The university will also implement a 'Back to Industry' program for AAUC instructors, whereby participants undergo industry internships to get up to speed on the latest skills and knowledge of the industry. The USAID Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism project continues to work diligently with both the public and private sector to enhance institutions that are dedicated to improving the efficiency, effectiveness, and growth of Jordan's tourism and hospitality industry. Ammon Applied University College offers specializations such as Bachelor degrees in Hotel Management, Tourism Management, and Events Business Management, a diploma in Hotel Management, and Training Diplomas in Culinary Arts and Hotel Management. Offering a wide variety of programs allows for students entering the field to cater their AAUC experience to their needs.