Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

USAID BEST Supports New Online Travel Agency Builder TravoTech

31 Jan 2017

Whole-selling tour operators and their respective retailers in Jordan, are facing tough competition from online travel agencies and service providers that sell tours directly through their own websites and other platforms. The traditional business model of offline booking is gradually fading. Travelers are turning to the internet to research and book their travel itineraries and directly bypassing the local agents who can provide a more customer-centric, customizable, and potentially better-value-for-money experience. TravoTech, an online travel agency builder, has created a customizable platform that enables the agencies to reach new travel markets by targeting travelers and tour operators through an online system that will automate all necessary processes for booking and customizing tours and travel services. To date, ten Jordanian travel agencies have already expressed interest in subscribing to TravoTech's platform.

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