Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

USAID promotes partnership between health and tourism sectors

25 Jun 2019

The USAID Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism (BEST) project is participating in the “Toward Universal Health Coverage UHC - Health Insurance” event organized by USAID Health, Finance and Governance (HFG). The event takes place on June 26, 2019 and will be presented by the USAID deputy mission director, Aqaba Community Health Center, and the Ministry of Health. 

USAID BEST supported the establishment of a tourism and hospitality employment unit at the Princess Basma Community Development Center in Aqaba in November 2018. This took place as part of a partnership with the Jordan Hashemite Fund for Human Development to support youth in Aqaba to access the labor market. There will be a Tourism and Hospitality Employment Unit information booth at the event will be to inform visitors of its offerings, including tourism job opportunities and training courses. Also, video stories of Aqaba youth who have received training and employment through the unit will be screened at the event. 

This collaboration between USAID BEST and USAID HFG aims to highlight the partnership between the health and tourism sectors and increase awareness about the types and benefits civil health insurance, including in the tourism sector.