Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

USAID support the development and promotion of the Jordan Trail

16 Mar 2020

Launched in 2016, the Jordan Trail has become an adventure tourism success for Jordan. Since its official launch, the Jordan Trail has seen hundreds of hikers experience 650 kilometers of beautiful landscape from the forests of the north to the mountains, deserts and canyons of the south. Accessible all year round, the trail offers hikes of varying lengths across the Hashemite Kingdom.

Managed by the Jordan Trail Association, USAID BEST helped the association set up and built its capacity to develop, oversee and promote the trail to attract visitors to experience the unique and engaging adventures it offers. USAID BEST support enabled the Jordan Trail to develop and garner extensive international exposure for Jordan as a top adventure destination, in addition to multiple awards and recognitions for their efforts in developing, maintaining, and promoting the Jordan Trail as Jordan’s number one adventure tourism attraction.

Mr. Bashir Daoud, the Chief Executive Officer of the Jordan Trail Association said “It is a fact today that the Jordan Trail is one of the world's most exciting adventure destination, having been chosen as one of the world's best tourism destinations by the world's leading travel magazines and newspapers”.

USAID support also extended to key income-generating and promotional hikes, including First2Finish, the Jordan Trail Run and three Jordan Trail thru-hikes. USAID BEST supported marketing and promotional efforts for the hikes and the trail at large, in addition to logistical support. These events promoted the Jordan Trail, raised funds for the association and created financial opportunities for the people living in the 52 villages and communities along the trail.

The Jordan Trail Association planned and launched its fourth annual Jordan Trail Thru-Hike on March 4, 2020. The thru-hike was organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, and with the support of the Jordan Tourism Board, and the Platinum sponsorship of the Arab Bank.

Speaking at the opening thru-hike event, Jordan Trail Association chairman Aysar Batayneh said, “We are glad to celebrate the fourth thru-hike of the Jordan Trail. We can measure the positive impact that the Jordan Trail has reflected on the adventure tourism and the direct economic support and opportunities to the local community along Jordan as a whole. The trail provides them with the expertise and skills to gain sustainable job opportunities.”

One hundred and ninety families living along the trail now benefit from its existence, with more than 675 people working with 94 service providers in offering camps, guides, local hosting, homestays and transportation. The Jordan Trail’s online presence continues to grow, with the Jordan Trail Association’s website recording over 110,000 visitors every month and over 66,000 downloads of GPS coordinates.

The USAID Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project works closely with public, private and community entities to grow Jordan's tourism sector. The United States government, through USAID, has provided foreign assistance from the American people to Jordan for more than 60 years.