Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

Volunteers continue to ‘Tidy Streets’ in As-Salt

7 Aug 2019

USAID BEST, in partnership with the Salt Development Corporation, Greater As-Salt Municipality, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Al-Balq’a Tourism Directorate and the All Jordan Youth Commission, implemented a second Tidy Streets Volunteer Campaign on August 7, 2019. This is part of a wider tourism awareness campaign targeting the community of As-Salt, as locals and government stakeholders work to develop the city’s tourism potential with USAID BEST support.

“The greater message of our work today is not just the tangible results of beautifying As-Salt,” said Mohannad Alwaked, an organizer for the All Jordan Youth Commission who spent the day with As-Salt youth volunteering for the event. He noted that the work undertaken “also instilled a sense of patriotism and encourage loyalty and love for their country among youth,” and that it could not have been achieved without them.

49 volunteers, community members and representatives of the Al-Balq’a Tourism Directorate and Salt Development Corporation took part in cleaning up Al Jada'a Street, Al Ain Plaza and Al Midan Street. The volunteers collected trash and planted 450 plants, trees and shrubs donated by the Greater Amman Municipality. The activity was implemented to help beautify the city and promote the importance of public cooperation and support in improving the city’s living environment and surroundings.

The cleanup follows a previous effort in April 2019 that along the city’s historical Al-Khader Street. The Tidy Street campaigns were preceded by environmental awareness sessions for 3,000 local students that highlighted the importance of tourism and the need to respect nature and heritage and keep the city clean.  

“I want As-Salt to stay beautiful. I want tourists to see its beauty when they visit,” said Sara Al Anasra, a volunteer with the All Jordan Youth Commission who took part in the Tidy Streets activity. She stated, “I encourage everyone from outside As-Salt to come visit, and for people from As-Salt to do volunteer work like this to keep the city beautiful.” 

Later in the day, representatives from the, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities’ Al-Balq’a Directorate, Salt Development Corporation chaired a discussion with the youth volunteers at the Beit Aziz Hotel regarding issues concerning the city and steps to be taken to enhance its tourism appeal. Discussion topics include As-Salt as a tourism destination and the role of youth in developing it, job opportunities in the tourism sector, tourism challenges and opportunities in As-Salt.

USAID BEST is working with local partners to spread awareness of the importance of tourism among the community of As-Salt regarding their city’s potential as a tourism destination and encourage the community to seek opportunities in the tourism and hospitality sector.