Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

Volunteers see to Tidy Streets in As-Salt

25 Apr 2019

The Tidy Streets campaign was underway in As-Salt this April as the Mayor of As-Salt, Khalid Khashman, led volunteers, community members and others to clean up Al Khader Street in the center of As-Salt and plant flowers and herbs along it. USAID BEST, in collaboration with the Greater As-Salt Municipality, the Salt Development Corporation (SDC), the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (MoTA) and the Ministry of Environment, implemented the event to help beautify the city and promote the importance of public cooperation and support in improving the city’s living environment and surroundings.

Volunteers from the community worked together to clean up As-Salt’s Al-Khader Street, clearing it of refuse and trash and planting cumin, mint, sage and other flowers donated by the Greater Amman Municipality. 

“Al-Khader Street is an important heritage site for As-Salt that must be preserved,” said Mayor Khashman, who spent the day with As-Salt youth volunteering for the event. He noted that beautifying the area was “a duty done by the citizens of As-Salt for As-Salt,” and that it could not have been achieved without them.

The cleanup follows twenty environmental awareness sessions held at schools and education centers in March, which sought to highlight the importance of tourism and the need to respect nature and heritage and keep the city clean. The sessions reached 3,000 students who gained a better appreciation for how they can help protect the city’s environment, heritage and culture, and what career opportunities are available in the sector.

Later in the day, Mayor Khashman chaired a discussion with the youth volunteers at the local Gherbal Restaurant regarding issues concerning the city and steps to be taken to enhance its tourism appeal.

“The homes on Al-Khader street are historical, they’re part of As-Salt’s beauty,” said Muhammad Heyari, a Balqa University volunteer who took part in the Tidy Streets activity. He stated, “As far as As-Salt is concerned, there are hundreds of such homes that people visit the city to see. If we as the youth of As-Salt don’t preserve them, then who is going to take care of them? In starting here, we can set an example for Jordan and encourage others to do the same.” 

USAID BEST is working with MoTA, Municipality of As-Salt, Salt Development Corporation, the Tawsool youth association and women’s committee to spread awareness of the importance of tourism among the community of As-Salt regarding their city’s potential as a tourism destination and encourage the community to seek opportunities in the tourism and hospitality sector.