Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

Yarmouk University students launch ‘Mayel Ala Samad’ tourism campaign

11 Apr 2018

A group of 23 students from Yarmouk University has launched a campaign to activate the tourism trail of Irbid's Mazar region, aiming to place the trail as a main attraction on the country's tourism map, a campaign member said on Wednesday.

Improving the trail will increase the number of foreign and local tourists and create jobs for the local community, said Ahmad Hazaimeh, a member of the campaign.

The process requires the rehabilitation of the historical Samad village, including its ancient houses, churches and caves, according to the campaigner, who noted that some of the houses can be renovated to become public facilities such as souvenir shops or restaurants.

The project also needs to renovate roads and add traffic signs to facilitate reaching the village, he continued.

Samad, 20 km west of Irbid, can also be used by archaeology colleges for training and exploration visits for their students, Hazaimeh suggested.   

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